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Wiha Thailand
สายไฟ Lapp Cable จากเยอรมัน


Wiha DuraBit with torsion zonearticle

 A diamond among bits

  • The DURA bit – for an extremely long tool life and a secure fit in the screw; ideal for working with delicate surfaces
  • Hard and wear-resistant, tungsten-carbide micro-particles in the bit tip gain a secure grip of the screw head, thus reducing the slipping of the bit from the screw and not only preventing damage to the surface but also ensuring optimum force transfer
  • Corrosion resistance over a particularly long length of time thanks to nickel coating
Wiha Diamond torsion bitarticle

Saves strength, time & money.

  • The diamond torsion bit for quick and effort-saving work; particularly suited for series connections
  • Finest and wear-resistant sapphire and diamond micro-particles grip in the bit tip and transfer the force straight from the hand to the screw
  • Nickel coating of the entire bit for extra-long corrosion resistance
Wiha TiN Torsion bitarticle

Patented torsion zone for longer service life.

  • The TiN bit for trade and industry; particularly suitable for frequent screw applications
  • Best tool lives and service life thanks to very hard titanium-nitride coating (TiN)
  • Combines the advantages of HOT and ZOT bits in a single bit
Wiha ZOT Torsion bitarticle

Particularly suited to hard screw applications

  • The ZOT bit – for craftspeople, fitters…; ideal for screw applications in metal and hard materials
  • Patented, tough-but-flexible, optimised torsion zone (ZOT) cushions the torque peaks after turning the screw and prevents premature breakage of the bit
  • The greater elasticity of the bit is used to optimise performance and wear
Wiha HOT Torsion bitarticle

Particularly suited to soft screw applications

  • The HOT bit for carpenters, model-makers and kitchen fitters; particularly suited to wood and soft materials
  • The extra hard (63 HRC) optimised torsion zone (HOT) ensures that the optimum amount of force is applied when turning the screw, without the bit being subject to wear
  • Colour coating of the entire bit indicates HOT quality and also serves as corrosion protection
Wiha Inkra bitarticle

The specialist for every angle.

  • The Inkra bit – the specialist for craftspeople, carpenters and fitters; ideal for screw applications at corners and edges
  • With the Inkra bit, the penetration in the screw head and the force transfer remain almost constant even in inclined positions; the Inkra bit is thus used in applications where there is little space for power tools/hand-held screwdrivers (e.g. table edges and corners of windows)
  • Long tool life and protection against premature wear and pressure forces thanks to unique INKRA geometyr
Wiha stainless steel bitarticle

For perfect fastening and unfastening.

  • Precision-fitting, powerful and durable
  • The bits of non-rusting stainless steel score top marks with a convincing line-up
  • And the XSelector Stainless can hardly be beaten, Both in terms of its 11-piece assortment (25 mm stainless steel bits) and the compactness of its box design
Wiha Standard bit article

Full programme range in outstanding quality.

  • The Standard bit – for all screw applications; ideal for use in the home, trade and industry
  • Robust and efficient all-round bits available in many outputs and sizes
  • Thanks to good hardness values of 59-61 HRC, suitable for both manual and machine operation 
Wiha Xeno bitarticle

For terminal screws.

  • The special slotted/ Phillips or slotted/ Pozidriv profile of the Xeno is optimally suited for terminal screws
  • The combination profile reduces slipping and ensures greater torque transfer
Wiha threaded bitsarticle

For optimised use in stationary screw systems.

  • Suitable for many manufacturers of automatic screw machines
  • Best results thanks to zero-play fit of the bit in the screwdriver!
Wiha bit holders and adaptersarticle
  • Wiha bitholder - for manual or machine operation; particularly suitable for a more secure grip of the bit
  • The ClicFix and CentroFix bitholders guarantee rapid bit exchange, as well as the safe and zero-play grip of the bit in the holder
  • Combine the Wiha hand-held bit holder or magazine bit holder with Wiha bits to create a screwdriver for universal use
  • Also included in the Wiha range: various adapters for manual and machine-operated nut-driver sockets
Wiha drill bits article
  • Drill bits – ideal for precise drilling in wood and metal; particularly suitable for use in battery-powered screwdrivers
  • Wiha drill bits consist of high-grade, polished chrome molybdenum or HSS steel
  • The drill sets in the practical pouch with belt clip contain all important drill sizes and bits – essential for all work on the building site and in the home
Wiha power nut driver product linearticle

The entire line for hand and machine use.

  • Extensive application possibilities and large range of tools for electric and pneumatic screwdrivers as well as hand-operated nut driver inserts
  • Nut driver inserts (1/4" drive) in high-quality special chrome vanadium steel; also available with incorporated permanent magnet that safely guides the screws when installing
  • Hand impact screwdriver with hardened, lacquered impact end against chipping of chrome parts or mushroom-shaped deformations
Wiha magazine bit holderarticle

Everything in the palm of your hand.

  • Six or eight screwdrivers in one – for timesaving, effective working
  • Ergonomic SoftFinish® multicomponent handle guarantees comfortable work and optimised handling
  • Award-winning design
Wiha XLSelectorarticle

Couldn't be smaller!

  • The XSelector – for greater order and clarity; practical and indispensable companion in the tool box and on the workbench
  • 30 selected bits in 4 different variants
  • Removal of the bits couldn't be easier
Wiha XSelectorarticle

Couldn't be smaller!

  • The XSelector – for greater order and clarity; practical and indispensable companion in the tool box and on the workbench
  • Thanks to its compact dimensions, fits into the smallest spaces – even in a shirt or trouser pocket!
  • Easy removal of carefully arranged bits and machine holder; available in 17 different versions
Wiha Collectorarticle

Everything in one box.

  • The Collector – meets the highest requirements; contains bits for all standard screw applications
  • Up to 60 bits in a robust box made of high-quality plastic; in part, incl. hand-held bit holder and machine bit holder
  • Bit removal couldn’t be easier thanks to integrated holder; can also be refilled with all bits
Wiha bit cassettearticle

Everything in one box.

  • The bit cassette – equipped with the most important, popular bits; ideal for home, trade and industry
  • Robust box including 30 selected, high-performance, all-round bits and universal holder with magnet
  • The bits do not move around in the box, even with heavy shaking
Wiha bit bulk packarticle

Especially for professional needs.

  • The bulk pack – for professional requirements; particularly suitable for daily use in the workshop and assembly
  • Dimensionally stable and practical box with integrated tray so that bits are always within easy reach
  • Unmixed, available in the standard Phillips-, Pozidriv- and TORX® sizes; new from 2007: HOT and ZOT bits
Wiha SB bitsarticle

Full programme range in outstanding quality.

  • Wiha blister packs – for effective presentations in the retail trade; particularly suitable for counter and wall displays
  • Separate compartments for tidy and clear presentation of the bits
  • The bits are easily recognisable in the transparent packaging and coloured labels contain all the important information
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