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Wiha Thailand
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Optimised for professional applications. article

Wiha Inomic® simplifies 72 percent of typical manual labour

Application tests affrm: In 72 percent of all typical cases, users can cope better with Inomic® pliers than with conventional tools. Particularly because they can grip with better control. And they always simplify manual labour.

That's why Inomic® pliers from Wiha belong in every toolbox. It's the new standard tool for professionals, technicians and demanding do-it-your-selfers.

Complex installation work or electrical installation is accomplished faster with Wiha Inomic®. Because with a more natural, relaxed hand position, small parts can be precisely gripped and moved without slipping. Heavy or thick parts can be held more ergonomically with Wiha Inomic®.

Innovative pliers jaws expand the application possibilities. Mechanics can look directly at the workpiece, whilst their hand works at the edge of the field of vision. Technicians and fitters gain a larger range of movement in most application situations. And they save energy and are always easy on the muscles, tendons and joints.


Amazing. Agile. Versatile.

Parallel grip movement improves the transmission of force
The front, spring-mounted handle leg slides parallel and completely effortlessly relative to the body of the pliers. All fingers lie against the pliers at the same time. They grip parallel and exercise their full force from the first contact to the pressure point, even on thick workpieces.
The Inomic® principle increases the transmission of force over the entire blade movement. Very ergonomic and economical.



More space and a better view for work and installation
The angled form and leverage compliment each other. And a higher torque results. Angles of rotation grow in all directions. The hand can apply its force more effectively. You gain more space. At the same time, you're working at the edge of the field of vision instead of in the middle of it as with straight pliers. The effect: A clear view of the workpiece, cable or assembly component. The user knows what he's doing.



Professional assortment for trade, industry, service and business
The new Wiha Inomic® pliers range is suited for professional applications in all fields of trade, industry, service and business. The black and red variations are used for general work. The Wiha Inomic® VDE in red and yellow is for working in the area with live parts up to 1000 VAC or 1500 VDC. Combination pliers, needle nose pliers and side cutters are all part of the assortment. That means every professional is fully equipped.


Maximum transmission of force from the start
The benefit of the transmission of force has an effect all the way up to the tip of the pliers. A main principle of the Inomic is maximum power transmission and holding force with an ergonomically optimum grip. Up to 70 percent efficiency of the maximum hand forces is possible. Advantage: Firm, effortless gripping and holding.
With conventional, straight pliers more than half of the hand forces disappear into thin air. Wiha Inomic® provides a pure increase in force.



The 23 degree effect: Inomic® relaxes and becomes like a third hand
Inomic® fits in the hand like a natural extension of the muscular system. The pliers becomes like a third hand. The offset angle of the pliers body is 23 degrees. That means muscles and tendons can work relaxed and briskly and take uninhibited advantage of the movement range of the wrist. This is simply healthier


Handy arguments

  • The innovation
    Ergonomically angled hinged pliers for all applications. From the professional supplier Wiha. Saves energy and time. Easy on the joints. For frequent applications.
  • For every professional
    The better solution in 72 percent of all applications. The all-rounder for professionals in trade, industry, service and business. Belongs in every toolbox.
  • More space
    Expanded application possibilities. More torque and larger angle of rotation. Better hold and a clear view of the workpiece. Accurate gripping in any position.


Wiha Inomic®

Wiha Inomic® Range of Products article
An excellent idea article (P.P. Engineering & Service)
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