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Wiha Thailand
สายไฟ Lapp Cable จากเยอรมัน

Wiha Inomic® Range of Products article

Inomic® needle nose pliers



With just the right touch, razor sharp on the wire





Wiring. A job that requires just the right touch. It becomes an easy exercise with the Wiha Inomic® needle nose pliers. The 23 degree angle form, the comfortable handle, the effcient power transmission, the light weight

... with these pliers Wiha has designed everything for easy, fast and fatigue-free work. Additional functions make a multi-tool out of the simple telephone pliers. The Inomic® needle nose pliers come with side cutters and three integrated wire stripping stations for common cable sizes. The ring diameters are AWG 12, 10 and 8 (2.5 mm², 1.5 mm² and 0.75 mm²).

Handy arguments:

  • Light and fast
    Ergonomic, light pliers design with effcient power transmission for fast, fatigue-free wiring in every situation.
  • Multifunctional
    Elongated side cutters with rugged jaws. Integrated wire stripping stations for common cable sizes. Pliers force and leverage are optimally used.
  • Firm handling
    Clear view of the pliers tip. Controlled gripping of the cable and wire. Gripping and directing without slipping with maximum range of movement..

Inomic® combination pliers



Straightforward handling, parallel and powerful gripping




Whatever the Wiha Inomic® combination pliers take hold of, remains tightly gripped. Because the gripping surfaces lie parallel on the workpiece and extend far into the jaws. This means: A larger, non-slip contact and pressure surface also with objects having varying thicknesses. Added to the optimum power transmission, this produces the firm hold.

Pyramid stumps, cleanly arranged in a cross profile, ensure the right grip. It doesn't matter in which position and direction the pliers grip, they nestle entirely around the workpiece. And that's why there's so little restriction when working with the Inomic®.

Handy arguments:

  • Firm hold
    Pyramid stumps in a cross profile give grip. Parallel contact and pressure surfaces give hold. Even with workpieces of varying sizes.
  • High holding force
    Full performance even with thick objects. The larger the jaw opening, the nearer the pliers grip to the joint The power transmission is used optimally.
  • Powerful cutting
    Side cutters located near the joint enable powerful, efficient cutting with extremely hard cutting edges made of ball-bearing steel.

Inomic® side cutters



Two cutting edges in one - for soft and hardcases




Two cutting edges in one. More functions in an extremely small space. This is how the solution for specialists looks. The inner cutting edge with a powerful facet cuts hard wires or steel nails effortlessly. The cutting angle and distance to the joint are exactly matched for this purpose.
The outer cutting edge without facet is ideal for the softer cases. It cuts through copper wire or plastic parts easily and with careful use of the force of the hand. All strengths of the Inomic® work together: Parallel guidance of the gripping blade, stronger transmission of force and better power transmission, the ergonomic 23 degree angle
The offset in the cutting edge also has its function: A steep blade angle. It gives the fingers and hand a greater range of movement. The tip contacts the object better, cuts everything precisely, flat and free of burrs.

Handy arguments:

  • Two functions in one pair of pliers
    Two cutting edges in one. Inside for hard material, outside only for soft. Cutting head made of high-quality ball-bearing steel, durable, maintenance-free.
  • Better control
    Ergonomic tool form at a 23 degree angle. Clear view of the blade for controlled cutting. Optimised design for effcient use of force.
  • Clean result
    Angled tip enables flat cutting and burr-free cutting off of soft materials.More range of movement for the fingers and hand.


Wiha Inomic®

An excellent idea article
Optimised for professional applications. article (P.P. Engineering & Service)
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